Prepare for an extraordinary 28-day adventure through the breathtaking landscapes of Bhutan on the Snowman Trek. Your journey begins in Paro, where you’ll explore ancient temples and fortresses, including a visit to the iconic Tiger’s Nest Monastery. As you venture into the wilderness, trekking through lush valleys, ascending majestic mountain passes, and encountering local villages, you’ll witness the serene beauty of Bhutan’s untouched nature. The trail takes you through diverse terrain, from dense forests to high pastures, offering opportunities to spot unique wildlife like Takins and yaks. Along the way, you’ll experience Bhutanese culture and hospitality, staying in remote campsites and visiting traditional villages. The trek reaches its zenith as you cross the formidable Rinchenzoe Pass, an exhilarating achievement. Your journey ends in Thimphu, where you’ll have a day of sightseeing and shopping before departing from Paro International Airport. This trek is ideal for those seeking an immersive Himalayan adventure, where nature, culture, and exploration unite in the Land of the Thunder Dragon.

Day 01: Arrive Paro by Druk Air

Paro Airport

During this flight, one will experience breaktaking views of Mount Everest, Kanchan Junga and other Himalayan Peaks including sacred Chomolhari and Mt. Jichu Drake in Bhutan. On arrival at Paro International Airport you will be received by our representative. Then drive to Olathang Hotel through Paro valley, an enchanting experience. After lunch go to visit the Ta-Dzong (Museum). Overnight at Olathang Hotel.

Day 02: Paro – Sightseeing

Drugyel Dzong

Drive northwest up the Pa Chu to Drugyel Dzong, the ruined Fort, which once defended this valley from the Tibetan invasion. This fortress, now a burned shell, was once strategic in Bhutan’s defense against the Tibetan invasion. Mount Chomolhari, the sacred summit, reaches skyward beyond the Dzong. This can be viewed on a clear day. On the way back you visit a typical Bhutanese farm house. After lunch walk up the hill just above Olathang Hotel to stretch your legs for the excursion to Taktsang view point.

Day 03: Paro – Shana


Drive upto Drugyel Dzong where the road ends and the trek begins, following the river gently up the hill through a narrowing agricultural valley. Lots of homes, kids and dogs can be seen. camp is just beyond an army post. Alt. 2800m, Distance 17 Kms about 5-6 hours.

Day 04:  Shana – Soi Thangthangkha

Jhomolhari from Thangthangkha

Continue uphill through the river valley. It narrows and closes in and the trail winds up and down along the drainage. There is actually considerable down on the trail. Camp is in the meadow with stone shelter.

Day 05: Soi Thangthangkha – Jangothang


On up the Pa Chu. Pass a small army post where the valley begins to widen again. Now views of high ridges and then snow-capped peaks are all around. You begin to see Yaks and Yak herders camp. Lunch will be probably at one of these camps beneath a ruined fortress at the base of Chomolhari. Alt 4040m Distance- 19Kms, about 5-6 hours.

Day 06: Jangothang-Lingshi

Lingshi Dzong

Wide yak pastures on the way up and down the pass, possibly still some people in their yak tents depending on the time of the year that you are there. Great views of Lingshi Dzong as you come down into the Lingshi basin if the weather is clear. Tserim Kang and its descending glaciers at the north end of the valley. Camp is in a stone shelter which has inside fire pit and you can sleep on the wood floor or in tent. Alt 4150 m . Distance 19 Kms, about 5-6 hours.

Day 07:  Lingshi-Chebisa

Chebisa village

Today is the shortest walking day and you can really take it easy. On reaching camp at Chebisa village you can visit the village houses. Alt. 3850 m. Distance 19 Kms, about 5-6 hours.

Day 08: Chebisa-Shomuthang


The walk is through wild high pastures with few people and few yaks. Cross Gobula(la means pass) Alt. 4350m, Distance 17Kms about 6 hours.

Day 09: Shomuthang-Robluthang


Today is a day to start a little early. After crossing Jarela pass Alt 4600m you drop to Tsharithang. The valley where herds of Takins are normally seen. Overnight in camp. Alt 14400 ft, Distance 15kms about 5 hours.

Day 10: Robluthang-Lemi Thang

Snowman Trek

After crossing Shingela pass alt. 4900m you drop down again and then follow the valley camp at Lemithang beneath Gangche Ta(Great Tiger Mountain). If you have time it would be worthwhile to rest and explore a day there. Overnight at camp Alt. 13567ft. Distance 19 Kms about 7/8 hours.

Day 11:  Lemi Thang-Laya


Today the way is all down hill along the winding river valley with quite a steep path. The trail splits into two with one going through the valley while the other stays high and brings you into the west side of Laya village. You can camp on a high flat bench above the east end of Laya village. Overnight at camp Alt. 12,068ft. Distance 10 Kms about 3/4 hours.

Day 12: Laya-Halt

Royal Highland Festival

Visit the village houses or hike in and around the camp.

Day 13: Laya-Roduphu


Distance-19 Kms about 6-7 hours. Alt. 13645ft/4160m. Overnight in camp.

Day 14: Roduphu-Narithang


Distance-17 Kms about 6-7 hours. All cross Tsimola pass 4220m. Overnight in camp.

Day 15: Narithang-Tarina

Gangla Karchung

Distance-18 Kms about 6-7 hours. Cross Gangla Karchung 16720 ft/5100 m. Overnight in camp. 16

Day 16:  Tarina-Woche


Distance-15 Kms about 5 hours. On arrival at camp visit a village house of woche. From herethe Lunana area begins. Overnight in Camp.

Day 17: Woche-Lhedi

Snowman Trek

Distance 19 Kms 6-7 hours. Cross Kachela pass 4550m. Stop at Thega village enroute. Overnight in camp.

Day 18: Lhedi-Thanza

His Majesty’s visit to laya

Distance 19 Kms about 5-6 hours. Alt. 4050m. Enroute visit Chezo Dzong. Overnight in camp.

Day 19: Thanza-Halt


Visit village houses and mix with the people of Thanza or hike in and around the camp. Overnight in camp.

Day 20: Thanza-Tsochena


Distance 18 Kms about 6-7 hours. Alt 4800m. Cross Jazela pass alt 5050m. Overnight in camp.

Day 21:  Tsochena-Jichu Dramo

Snowman Trek

Distance 14 Kms about 4-5 hours. Alt. 4880m. Cross Lojula pass alt. 4940m. Overnight in camp.

Day 22: Jichu Dramo-Chukarpo


Distance 15 Kms about 3-6 hours. Alt. 14731 ft. Cross Rinchenzoe pass alt. 5140m. Overnight in camp.

Day 23: Chukarpo-Tampetso


Distance-20 Kms about 7-8 hours. Alt. 13895ft. Cross Tampela pass alt. 4550m. Pass the Umtso lake on which religious treasures were found by Terton Pemalingpa. Overnight in camp.

Day 24: Tampetso-Maorothang


Today the trek goes all the way down hill through the Rhododendron bushes till you reach the camp. The camp is near the Nikka Chu river. Overnight in camp. Alt. 11844ft. Distance 14 Kms about 5 hours.

Day 25: Maorothang-Nikachu Chazam


Distance 23 Kms about 6-7 hours. Alt. 2650m. Today is your last day of walking. The trail passes through the fields and villages of Sephu. Overnight in camp.

Day 26: Nikachu Chazam-Thimphu


Early morning drive to Thimphu. Lunch at Wangdi Tourist Lodge. Overnight in Hotel.

Day 27: Thimphu – Sightseeing


A full day of sightseeing and shopping in Thimphu. Wander in the town, visit the handicrafts emporium. Visit the workshop where all the crafts are produced if you like. Afternoon visit the Tashichho-Dzong. Then drive out for Motithang Hotel, take a walk up the hill behind the Hotel and visit the Takin penned up there. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 28: Thimphu – Paro Airport


Drive to internation Airport at Paro for onward flight.

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