Nepal Tours

Nepal is one of the most spectacular and fascinating destinations on earth. This tiny Himalayan country, only open to the outside world for the past fifty four years, provides a wealth of experiences for a variety of interests and ages. Stunning mountain panoramas tower over terraced foothills, delightful villages hide within beautiful forests, crystal clear rivers carve their way from the glaciers of the high Himalayas to the plains below. Couple this with the vast wealth, colour, culture and ancient architecture along with the friendliest people you are ever likely to meet. It is not surprising, that for many, one visit to Nepal in a lifetime would never be enough.

The Kingdom is neatly sandwiched between India to the south and Tibet to the north on a fault line where two distinct geographical regions interlock and overlap. The outcome is a very unique and compelling setting.

Nepal lies almost at sea level in steamy sub tropical jungles on its southern border with India. Within a distance of less than 200kms, the terrain rises rapidly through the middle hills on to high alpine valleys towards arid plateaus and glacier moraine to reach over 8000 mtrs and eight of the ten highest mountains on earth.
The Nepalese are exotic, extremely friendly, naturally accepting and diverse in nature, very much shaped by the weather and the environment. More than thirty distinct ethnic groups live here with over seventy different languages and dialects spoken.

Skin tones range from fair Mongoloid tribes originating from Tibet and beyond to dark skinned races who migrated from the Indian plains many centuries ago. There are a large range of shades to be found in between.

It is said festivals in Nepal outnumber the days in a year; hardly one goes by without a particular ethnic group or other having a reason to celebrate life.